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♥proud to be muslim♥

Assalamu Alaikum!

♥ I'm Jalila from Philippines,
my mom give birth to me on 14th
day of May and year ' I'm 22.
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♥♥Don't step on others as
you go through this world.
Instead, help them rise
above the wordily desires
that bound them here♥♥

I'm a fan of:
♥Maher Zain♥
♥Sami Yusuf♥
♥Irfan Makki♥

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If the ‘love’ makes you become worse. Let it go.

It is hard.

Allah knows and He will replace someone better for you.


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"Spend (in charity) out of the sustenance that We have bestowed on you before that time when death will come to someone, and he shall say: "O my Lord! If only you would grant me reprieve for a little while, then I would give in charity, and be among the righteous." - The Holy Quran, 63:10

"They ask you (O Muhammad) what they should spend in charity. Say: ‘Whatever you spend with a good heart, give it to parents, relatives, orphans, the helpless, and travellers in need. Whatever good you do, God is aware of it.’" - The Holy Quran, 2:215



وَلَا تُؤْمِنُوا إِلَّا لِمَن تَبِعَ دِينَكُمْ قُلْ إِنَّ الْهُدَىٰ هُدَى اللَّهِ أَن يُؤْتَىٰ أَحَدٌ مِّثْلَ مَا أُوتِيتُمْ أَوْ يُحَاجُّوكُمْ عِندَ رَبِّكُمْ قُلْ إِنَّ الْفَضْلَ بِيَدِ اللَّهِ يُؤْتِيهِ مَن يَشَاءُ وَاللَّهُ وَاسِعٌ عَلِيمٌ

And do not believe but in him who follows your religion. Say: Surely the (true) guidance is the guidance of Allah— that one may be given (by Him) the like of what you were given; or they would contend with you by an argument before your Lord. Say: Surely grace is in the hand of Allah, He gives it to whom He pleases; and Allah is Ample-giving, Knowing.

Surah Al-‘Imran : 73 



Your own sins should distract you enough from focusing on the faults of others.

Stay conscious of your flaws.. the greatest men who lived done more for Islam than you and I could imagine, yet they still saw their sins higher than mountains and always felt like they could do more in terms of their good deeds. So take lesson and remember it’s healthy to realise what you do not know, and what you still can and need to do.

"If you see that one of you has slipped, correct him, pray for him and do not help shaytaan against him (by insulting him)" - Umar ibn Al Khattab


اللهم اجرني من النار 


Ahmad abu Taha (6 month-old)
This beautiful baby who spent 20% of his life in a hospital, lives in Rafah, near the Egyptian borders.
All his family and relatives gathered in the first floor thinking it would be safer, but the israeli missiles were stronger and broke through 3 floors killing 4 family members, leaving Ahmad and his sister Na’eemah to be picked from the ruins as dead bodies.
Miraculously, there was a pulse and the two lived!
His grandmother was escorting him as his mother was seriously injured and his father was denied from leaving Gaza.
Ahmad had multiple burns and a shrapnel in the head, and lost his right eye.

أحمد ابو طه 6 شهور، من سكان رفح، وبيتهم قريب من الحدود المصرية، تجمعوا كل القرايب بالطابق الاول ظنّاً منهم انه آمن اكتر.. بس الصاروخ الاسرائيلي ما اعطاهم مجال واخترق العمارة من الطابق الثالث لحتى وصل عندهم، استشهد 4 اشخاص من العيلة. احمد واخته نعيمة طالوهم من تحت الانقاض واعتقدوا انهم استشهدوا وبالمستشفى انتبهوا انه في نبض.
احمد تعرض لعدة حروق وشظية بالراس وللأسف فقد عينه اليمين كمان. امه عم تتعالج بغزة من شظايا وحروق بكل جسمها.

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